Le Grand Bain

Une danse de solitudes en apnée, gracile, pathétique, tragique et noueuse de contacts. La vie est une drôle équipière.


Directed by Gilles Lellouche. Click here for the trailer


Exquisite. Fresh. Playful. Funny. Young. Beautiful. Talented. Arty. Playing with codes and adding sensibility.


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Blick Bassy

When softness meets a suspected depth of text. Ancient melody with androgynous tone. Tender witness.


website: http://www.blickbassy.com

Edgar Morin

To read. To listen. And read again and listen again. French thinker of this century.

Photo by Jean-Luc Bertini/Pasco

Photo by Jean-Luc Bertini/Pasco

Lady Macbeth

Passionate. Rebel. Desolate. Flemish paintings in a modern masterpiece film.

BQ5A9634 copy-2000-2000-1125-1125-crop-fill.jpg

Directed by William Oldroyd with Florence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis, Naomi Ackie, Christopher Fairbank and Paul Hilton.

Jim Carrey

Spectrum of personalities. Each is real, each is a projection. Actor is the vector of others. Layers of documentaries with a philosophical reflection. Thank you Jim.


Esther Tellermann

Sophisticated, Esther Tellermann use the space of words with a thick delicacy

VOIX À RAYURES (extrait)

Rêve maintient
le rêve   si
ne sommes trop lourds
une noce
une couche animale
à l’intérieur de la vague
chevauchons    nos syllabes
d’une passe
       à l’autre
et nos rires     comme
paquets d’émeraudes

trouent le souvenir.

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