Idriss Aberkane

Feed me Idriss! He is a power source of knowledge and he distributes science like candies. Watching his videos is a real gift. Web is the new city of lights.



Jim Carrey

Spectrum of personalities. Each is real, each is a projection. Actor is the vector of others. Layers of documentaries with a philosophical reflection. Thank you Jim.


Esther Tellermann

Sophisticated, Esther Tellermann use the space of words with a thick delicacy

VOIX À RAYURES (extrait)

Rêve maintient
le rêve   si
ne sommes trop lourds
une noce
une couche animale
à l’intérieur de la vague
chevauchons    nos syllabes
d’une passe
       à l’autre
et nos rires     comme
paquets d’émeraudes

trouent le souvenir.

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